Global presence

Today Rosatom is one of the players on the global market of nuclear technologies. Rusatom International Network is an industry company that promotes products offered by Russian nuclear companies on foreign markets.

Products and services of the nuclear industry are supplied to 45 countries all over the world. The range of supplies is very wide covering the areas from NPP construction to non-power and non-nuclear products.

At present, Rosatom has the largest case of NPP construction projects abroad including 34 power units in 12 countries. Основными заказчиками Росатома новых АЭС в последние годы стали Индия, Китай, Турция, Бангладеш, Иран. «Росатом» реализует проект строительства АЭС в Финляндии, а также в Венгрии и Белоруссии.

Russian NPP projects rank among the world’s best for a lot of criteria. Reliability, efficiency and safety of Russian designed VVER have been confirmed by over 50-year failure-free operation. Today, Rosatom offers its foreign customers a state-of-the-art design of a nuclear power plant with Gen 3+ VVER-1200 that complies with all post-Fukushima safety requirements of the IAEA including a well-balanced combination of active and passive safety systems. This approach allows nuclear power plants based on this design resist any possible accidents ensuring protection from any external hazards.

Rosatom’s package offer is its unique advantage that includes turnkey solutions envisaging the creation of the necessary legal framework and network infrastructure, funding solutions for nuclear projects, national staff training and development, localization of the manufacturing of necessary equipment in the customer country, guaranteed fuel supplies during the entire lifecycle of the NPP, service support, SPF recycling and management, package solutions for decommissioning. This offer is in great demand in newcomer countries.

In addition to the conventional nuclear power business in NPP construction, supplies of nuclear fuel and uranium products, Rosatom is developing nuclear non-power areas. The strategic goal is to reach at least 30% share of revenue from new businesses by 2030.

The perspective areas include manufacturing of thermal power equipment, new equipment for gas and petrochemical sector, and hydropower industry, production of assemblies and components for the shipbuilding industry.

It is necessary to mention production of radiopharmaceuticals and creation of nuclear sciences and technology centers. Rusatom International Network supplies isotope products to 30-odd countries while fully satisfying the needs of Russian companies.