JSC «Science and Innovations» and National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan signed a memorandum on scientific and technical cooperation

In Sochi, on May 14, on the sidelines of the 10th International Forum ATOMEXPO-2018, CEO of JSC «Science and Innovations» (Scientific Division of «Rosatom» State Corporation) Pavel Zaitsev and Deputy General Manager for Science of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NNC RK) Mazhyn Skakov signed a memorandum on scientific and technical cooperation.

The organizations are interested in cooperation in the field of improving the safety of nuclear reactors, creating and improving the characteristics of reactor fuel, testing of fuel for research reactors, exchange of scientific and technical information. The Memorandum presupposes joint research in the field of radiation material science and the technology of obtaining new materials. Kazakhstani and Russian scientists intend to jointly resolve issues of processing nuclear materials, spent nuclear fuel, and radioactive waste.

The forms of joint work can vary from consultation to joint projects. If necessary, a comprehensive program of scientific and technical cooperation will be developed.

«The agreement opens up new opportunities for us in cooperation on the most important scientific and technical areas, such as the creation of new materials and the handling of irradiated nuclear fuel. I am confident that the exchange of experience accumulated in Russia and in Kazakhstan will seriously enrich the nuclear industries of our countries», — CEO of JSC «Science and Innovations» Pavel Zaitsev.

«Relations between our countries have a long history, which began in the days of the Soviet Union. The scientific base of the NNC RK was initially formed under the scientific and methodological guidance of the leading Russian institutes. And now both countries have a desire for a higher level of economic integration (within the CIS, EAEC, the Customs Union). Atomic complexes of Russia and Kazakhstan complement each other along the technological chain of the nuclear fuel cycle. And it should be noted that many Kazakhstani scientists and specialists of the nuclear complex studied in Russian universities and are closely connected with their Russian counterparts», — said Mazhyn Skakov.

For reference:

The joint-stock company «Science and Innovations» was established in 2011 to manage the activities of institutes and centers that are part of the perimeter of the Innovation Management Unit of «Rosatom» State Corporation. On the basis of JSC «Science and Innovations» a scientific division of SC «Rosatom» was formed. The only shareholder of JSC «Science and Innovations» is JSC «Atomic Energy Industrial Complex» (JSC «Atomenergoprom»).

At the moment, JSC «Science and Innovations» manages the following organizations: JSC «SSC RF — I. I. Leypunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering, JSC SSC RF TRINITI, FSUE „Research Institute of NPO Luch“, JSC „NIIP“ JSC „SRC NIIAR“, JSC „IRM“ JSC VNIIHT, JSC Giredmet, JSC Scientific and Technical Center Yafi, JSC NIIgrafit, JSC Radium Institute named after V. G. Khlopin»

The National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NNC RK) was established in 1992 on the basis of scientific subdivisions of the former Ministry of Medium Machine Building of the USSR, based on the Semipalatinsk test site.

The mission of NNC Republic of Kazakhstan is scientific and technical support of the policy of the Government of Kazakhstan in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy. The enterprise has a powerful scientific and technical and production infrastructure (two research reactors, more than twenty non-reactor experimental stands and installations) that allows to conduct research on a wide range of directions in support of the safety of nuclear power engineering, radiation materials science, testing of new types of fuel etc.