For Suppliers

Rosatom has an extensive new nuclear construction program, and that results in a serious volume of purchase orders placed with machine-building industries, equipment manufacturers, construction and installation companies. Every year Rosatom enterprises buy products and services for hundreds billion rubles.

Suppliers are largely responsible for the quality and reliability of nuclear power operation, that is why Rosatom has developed and introduced an open, transparent and clear procurement system. This system is based on six principles: compliance with legislation and business organization principles, high product quality requirements and optimal prices, transparent business operations and anti-corruption mechanisms.

Rosatom procurement system

Rosatom procurement system is based on international principles and rules of procurement activities and rests on open procurement tenders that are conducted in accordance with Russian legislation and regulations.

Main features of Rosatom procurement system:

  • Over 300 Rosatom organizations operate in accordance with unified rules: Unified industrial standard of procurements (Rosatom procurement regulations);
  • The State Corporation Rosatom is interested in cooperating with reliable and responsible suppliers, including large-scale manufacturers and construction companies.


How to become a supplier

Rosatom procurement system has several specific features that are described on the site, where orders for goods, works and services in nuclear industry are placed
Interactive training program: How to become a supplier of the nuclear industry


Anti corruption policy